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Small Business Insurance on Autopilot

the problem

Other people are selling business insurance to your clients.

It's time to solve this problem.

Build a moat around your customers by offering convenient, competitively priced business insurance today.

We can help.

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Why partner with rogue risk?

Rogue Risk offers a full end-to-end SaaS solution for your small business customers to seamlessly purchase business insurance within your user experience.

What does this mean for you?

  • Do nothing differently.
  • Improve convenience for your customers.
  • Build a deeper moat around your customers
  • Create a new and reliable revenue stream.

Why Offer Small Business Insurance?


Grow your bottom line

Offering your customers a simple, accessible business insurance solution is a great way to create new and reliable streams of income for your business…

…all while enhancing the the overall value provided to your customers.

We've seen our NPS score rise by 10 points since we began offering business insurance in our platform.

- Leading food services industry Point-of-Sale provider

Our customers have begun to view us a full-stack services provider which has increased retention. Adding business insurance was a big piece of the puzzle.

- Leading payroll and HR solution provider

We don't write small commercial insurance but were consistently getting leads in Illinois and the surrounding states. Rogue Risk allowed to find a good home for this business and get paid. Win win...

- Independent insurance agency in Illinois

Partner with us

Your small business insurance solution

Rogue Risk offers a full end-to-end SaaS quoting solution built on native APIs, tailored to your unique platform, market, and customer experience. Our strength is delivering a seamless business insurance integration that aligns with how you interact with your customers. 

Discover how we can partner with you.